ANGLE PROOF Technologies is a Business Technology Planning company.

A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

We support our clients by ensuring their Information Technology (IT) capabilities
are fulfilling its role as a key enabler to achieving their business objectives.




Business objectives should drive your information technology requirements. Too many organizations invest in technologies before knowing the business objectives it will solve.



Information technology is the single largest capital expense in many organizations today and integral to achieving business objectives.



Business + Technology = a powerful combination that will dramatically improve your organization's competitive advantage, cut costs, and increase sales.

Information technology is an investment like any other we make to create business value. When you strip away all the technical mumbo jumbo, we are trying to achieve a few basic business objectives. We need to look at it like a series of investments which on balance must meet our objectives and make a return or we will go broke.

Managing Director, Major Business Unit, Large Manufacturing Firm

Can you truly build
a successful company
by ignoring the technological tools that are constantly emerging?